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Tips in choosing Good Immigration Attorney in the United States

On many occasions, you can directly fill out the immigration form you need. It will depend on your level of English, your understanding of legal terms and the simplicity or complexity of your case.

It should be kept in mind that in immigration matters, the United States Government does not provide a lawyer in any case, even when it has to be presented in court and one cannot be paid because there is no money.

In these cases, you appear without legal assistance or try to make an effort and seek out a lawyer, even one who acts pro bono, that is, without charging in specific cases. (for children detained at the border, read this article, which contains information about organizations that provide free legal aid for these minors.)

When to choose a lawyer is highly recommended

But there will be situations in which it is advisable to have the help of a professional who will help you to present all the necessary papers in time and to represent you, if necessary, before the immigration authorities or the court.
Also, keep in mind that immigration laws change frequently, and what worked for a relative or acquaintance a few years ago may no longer apply to your case, even if they are very similar.
and private matters like a divorce or a marriage or problems that seem unimportant as an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (IUDs) can have important migratory effects.

For cases like these the best thing is to have a good lawyer.
And, of course, for:
Deportation cases, to decide how to fight it or whether to request a voluntary departure or a postponement of deportation (also known as suspension or stay)
Submit to court, how to change status a subpoena to present in court request for forgiveness and avoid errors in forgiveness for illegal presence)
Abuse of working visa conditions H
No respect for the minimum wage, including undocumented workers
Domestic violence Protection (VAWA)
As a victim of violence,
Human trafficking
Divorce when the green card has been obtained by marriage, etc.

Even cases that may seem simple as applying for permanent residency by marriage or sibling roles can be-as you can see in those links-long processes that require many papers.
Also, remember that in the United States only licensed attorneys and accredited representatives can provide legal advice. The notaries cannot do it.

However, the experience of thousands of immigrants shows that few decisions such as having a bad lawyer can cause so many dislikes, loss of money, delays in paperwork and even serious problems with the Naturalization and Immigration Service (USCIS, For its acronym in English).

The following tips will help you hire a good professional:

Ask: Ask for counsel recommendations from your family, friends, and co-workers. Everyone who has used the services of a migrant lawyer has a good or bad opinion.
Eliminate those who receive reasonable criticism and make a list of the recommended ones. See also a couple of immigrant rights organizations as they can offer valuable tips.

Require: It is better for the lawyer to deal with your issue to engage in immigration issues and not be a “specialist in everything”. But make sure that it is not a mega specialist in a migratory issue that has nothing to do with your case. For example, little can help you if your field of expertise is political asylum if what you need is to get a green card for a family member.

Check: Consult with your State Bar Association to make sure that the lawyer you want to hire has all the relevant licenses and has not been penalized for unprofessional behaviors.
You can find additional information in associations such as the AILA, the Association of Immigration lawyers with more than 11.000 members.
It should be noted that the so-called immigration consultants and Notaries do not act legally in all States and that the USCIS does not consider them to be able to represent you before the administration or in court, although they can fill out forms.

Compare: Many lawyers will offer you the opportunity to have a first date for free. Take the opportunity to interview a few. The lawyer must give you confidence. You should feel comfortable explaining your case and asking all the questions you feel is necessary. It should be very clear what your rate is, how you work, what your experience is and how and will communicate during the case.

Choose the best: Don’t get carried away by the urge to choose a lawyer from your home country or one who speaks Spanish for those reasons. Simply choose the one you think is best to take your case.

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